Day: January 6, 2017

Our HMCS Haida

The last survivor of the twenty seven Tribal class destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy was moved into dry dock in September. It was built in England in 1943, and sank nine German ships in four months, during WWII. Thirteen of these destroyers were lost during the War. Her last mission in WWII was the liberation of Norway, in 1945. A brave history for a wonderful ship! We are glad she was moved into dry-dock at Heddle Marine Service Inc for rehabilitation on September 16th, which is part of the effort to protect our historical sites, and assist us in remembering those who served and those who were lost at sea. As she undergoes repairs to her hull, the plan is to stop moisture seepage and rusting with the idea of preserving the HMCS Haida for future generations. Preserving the HMCS Haida gives us and our children a chance to learn and to understand the rich heritage of our country, when we joined with our countries around the world, fighting to preserve freedom. Being on board her, one can get a feeling for what it might have been like for our young men to face the dangers of war and serve shoulder to shoulder with one another in some of the most dramatic water battles Canada has ever faced. The HMCS Haida, Canada’s most famous warship, weighs 2,745 tons...

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Submitted by Larissa Fenn/Hamilton Port Authority 905.525.4330 ext. 235 | Harbour West Marina (HWM), operated by Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) is celebrating the opening of a new boat storage facility on Pier 15. Marina customers and special guests gathered on December 8 for a first look inside the new 60,000 sq.ft / $10 million facility. As part of an agreement with the City of Hamilton in 2014, HWM/HPA agreed to move its winter boat storage from the West Harbour, to make way for the City’s extensive new West Harbour redevelopment. In turn, to meet the needs of an...

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Snow Angels Program

The City of Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy is administering the Snow Angels program this season. Due to overwhelming demand we are not accepting applications or referrals at this time. The Snow Angels Program is looking for volunteers. What is a snow angel you ask? Snow Angels volunteer during the winter months to help clear snow for community members who do not have the ability to do so. As a former Snow Angel myself I got the chance to meet a new neighbour, take away their stress, and make my community more safe. Volunteer hours towards graduation can be given as well. If you are interested in becoming a Snow Angel or learning more info, please contact the Snow Angels Hotline at 905-523-1910 or email: A simple “Hello” could lead to a million things. Feeling alone? Wish you had someone to talk to? The Friendly Calling Program can help. We will match you with a friendly caller who will call once a week. They will see how you are doing, lend a friendly ear & bring you current news of the community. For more information, please call Dundas Community Services at...

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Elderberries – January 2017

Happy New Year to all you wonderful loyal readers! We hope you received your wishes and dreams, enjoyed wonderful meals, and shared family memories. Now as we sit back and relax in front of the fire we can look back and reflect on those memories. While shopping for some last-minute cards, I came across a beautiful one that I believe says is all and I would love to share it with you. I BELIEVE (Author unknown) ” I still believe that generosity is its own reward. That kindness will prevail. That might does not make right. That a soft...

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