Month: December 2016


Where did October and November go?  The Mum Show at Gage Park, always an treat, was enjoyed by a group of seniors at Welcome Inn where they visited  Mardi Gras Festival at Gage Park . Roses still blooming in the Rose Garden when Megs and I strolled through the park enjoying the colors before entering its greenhouses. Greenhouses bring back memories of when I attended an Agricultural College on the Isle of Wight in England. Quite the experience in not only flowers, but livestock as well.  I could tell you stories! We had to get up before dawn to spray the huge Dahlias with water to take the frost off the flowers before the sun rose and would burn the blooms. Another nocturnal task was to feed the baby lambs. They were always hungry and would bunt the baby bottles that we fed them. We loved that task. It wasn’t all work and fellow students would play tricks! One of their favourites was to fill our Wellington boots with icy cold water. Not nice! When I graduated to a Nursery the owners left goats. Have you ever tried milking a goat?  They can be  very ornery! Scrubbing  large clay flower pots in cold water was not much fun either. One time I carried a large Mimosa plant to another area of the greenhouses only to slice the plant off...

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Fashion for December 2016

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” – Kate Spade. With the holiday season upon us, there will be many outings and parties in attendance, so fashion is a key point in the winter months. While people often sacrifice style for comfort and warmth, many designers offer stylish winter clothes for the fashionable. Wearing a heavy coat doesn’t have to hide your style, but can enhance your look and make you stand out against the white background. Lets have a look at what we can expect to see emerge from the fashion world this holiday season....

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The Jamesville Hub and Community Planning

I’ve always enjoyed the art of collaboration. It’s usually messy, frustrating and difficult although what comes out of it is something that is enjoyed, on a very base level, by more than just one person as well as that connection built between the co-creators. This is why I enjoy being a part of the Jamesville Community Hub. Its purpose is to support residents in the creation of their community building projects and to provide resources that help bring them to life. The Hub is itself a collaboration of service providers and residents that have been meeting together for at least 5 years now. We have supported a variety of different initiatives like community gardens, youth employment nights, soccer programs and the Sunset Cultural Garden. We are a part of a bigger network of 10 other communities all under the Neighbourhood Action Strategy with the City of Hamilton and Hamilton Community Foundation. Because of their support we are able to provide up to $1500 in small grants to residents that want to take on a community building project. We also get to take part in Community Planning, a process of assembling ideas and solutions for issues that affect our communities. It might not sound pretty but it can help organize real change. Who better to address the challenges facing our community than the people who live there and how do...

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Minecraft craft

If your children are anything like mine then they are obsessed with the computer game minecraft. Like most parents I don’t get the appeal, but kids from three years of age to eighteen years love this game. So here is a simple craft idea that’s easy to do. Needs: Scissors Construction paper Glue sticks Depending on the age will depend on how much prep you need to do ahead of time. For very young kids you’ll want to take some of the construction paper and cut it into small square pieces, and one large square, per child. Older children can do this cutting themselves. Then you just instructed the children to use the glue and glue the little squares on the larger square in the shape of their favourite minecraft character. As the characters are drawn as made up of tinny blocks the effects work out very well. I suggest cutting up lots of green little squares as creepers seems to be the favourite. The kids love this craft, its quick, easy and they end up with a picture they can hang...

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The North End Neighbours (NEN) – December 2016

The North End Neighbours (NEN) was created 10 years ago.  At the Annual General Meeting of 2016, held on November 9, we recommended, and a motion was put forward that a review of NEN’s vision statement, “motto” (Child and Family Friendly), policies, and organizational structure be conducted by the incoming board of directors.  The intent is that the review be completed quickly, and include at least one community meeting as part of the review.  Recommendations would then be presented to the membership at a General Members Meeting no later than March 2017. All residents are able to be members of NEN, no fee.  So, please be thinking – how can the Neighbourhood Association improve and meet the needs of all residents?  What do you want in a “neighbourhood association”?  Please email your thoughts to the account below and come to the Community Meeting when it is organized. Grain dust emissions from Parrish and Heimbecker are a continuing concern.  Dust from ships loading and unloading is causing concern in certain areas.  If you have an experience you would like to share, want to file a report, or have questions, please contact us at the account below. If you subscribe to the NEN mailing list, keep your eye on the “spam” inbox because we have been told some residents are not getting the emails!  We are using “mailchimp” to send out...

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