Month: December 2016

The Big North End Housing Picture

Jason Farr Hello, Breezes readers. By now many of you have heard about the West Harbour Development Plans. We have been discussing the future developments for more than a decade and especially in the last few years since the work to create some 1500 new residential units on Pier 8, some with commercial ground floors, have begun and is still on track to be shovel ready in 2018. In addition, we recently finished transforming the shoreline along your Discovery Drive; just a sample of things to come in the people-place transformation of Piers 5, 6 and 7. In all of the more formal discussions at our monthly West Harbour Engagement meetings, we have heard much about creating and maintaining  opportunities for affordable housing as well. Opportunities in the North End and in the greater West Harbour boundary (Cannon/the bay/York Bridge/Wellington). For the most part, you will welcome approximately 4,000 new neighbours on Pier 8 when it is complete. Most of them will have the means to be purchasing some very coveted real estate. Of course, we know that not everyone in North End has the means to move down block to such a spot. We have some friends andneighbours who may have challenges financially, medically or with mental health. These are people you know and who you care about. What about creating and maintaining housing for those North End...

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The North End Breezes Introduces our New Coordinator

We are pleased to welcome Brenda Duke as our new Coordinator to the team at North End Breezes. Brenda was one of the original members who formed the Gibson and Landsdale Area (GALA) Community Planning Team just next door to us. She helped start their community newspaper, The Herald, in the early days. Through her dedication, the paper became financially sustainable within a year. During the start-up, Brenda took on roles in editing, publishing and ad sales, always with the goal of making it a community paper for the community. Currently the Joint Chair of the GALA Community Planning...

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Book review: A true Adventure, The Story of Three Whales

By Sam Knight This was a very sad book. It is a true story written by Gile Whittell and illustrated by Patrick Benson , its about three whales in 1988 that got trappd in the ice of Alaska. It made the news all over the world. This book is their story and how people came together to save them. The whales names were Siku (the biggest) Poutu (the middle one) and Kinnick (the baby). Even though people worked as fast as they could, Kinnick stopped coming up for air and was never seen again. Finally the last two were freed. This book was one I read out loud to my Mom, it made me cry. It was good, but It was so sad that the baby didn’t make, and I wish there had been pictures in color. The ones in this book are all black and...

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Book Club Corner: Blue Moon: A Novel by James King

by Kit Darling In October we discussed Blue Moon: A Novel by James King. Evelyn Dick, perhaps the most infamous citizen of Hamilton and the country’s most famous female murderer before Karla Homolka. The main focus of the novel is an attempt to imagine the life of Evelyn Dick after her release from prison for the murder of her infant son. King casts her as Elizabeth Delamere, a successful novelist. She moves to Vancouver where she finds employment at Duthie Books, an actual and well known bookstore. 5 of the members disliked the book: 8 liked it. The discussion...

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