Day: December 6, 2016

The History of Christmas Windows

By Kathryn Smith I remember Eaton’s Windows…  The windows, like the famous department store, are mere memories now, but for those of us who lived through that era, we have many fond recollections of going window gazing during the Christmas season. It was Macy’s department store on 34th Street in New York City that, in 1874, was the first to decorate their windows with a Christmas theme.  Three years prior to that, they had stayed open until midnight on Christmas Eve, creating the first ever ‘midnight madness’.  The season has never been the same since. Each year millions of...

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New Supported Affordable Housing Plan

An intriguing new development concept is unfolding at 500 James St. North (at Picton). Hughson Street Baptist Church has been serving the North End of Hamilton since 1887 based from 383 Hughson St. N. When the church outgrew that facility a number of years ago, they began using Bennetto School gym for Sunday mornings in addition to various youth sports programs. In 2011, the church purchased the building at 500 James St. N. with the vision of creating a facility to bring their Sunday and mid-week programming under one roof. But with all the changes happening in our neighborhood,...

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The Big North End Housing Picture

Jason Farr Hello, Breezes readers. By now many of you have heard about the West Harbour Development Plans. We have been discussing the future developments for more than a decade and especially in the last few years since the work to create some 1500 new residential units on Pier 8, some with commercial ground floors, have begun and is still on track to be shovel ready in 2018. In addition, we recently finished transforming the shoreline along your Discovery Drive; just a sample of things to come in the people-place transformation of Piers 5, 6 and 7. In all of the more formal discussions at our monthly West Harbour Engagement meetings, we have heard much about creating and maintaining  opportunities for affordable housing as well. Opportunities in the North End and in the greater West Harbour boundary (Cannon/the bay/York Bridge/Wellington). For the most part, you will welcome approximately 4,000 new neighbours on Pier 8 when it is complete. Most of them will have the means to be purchasing some very coveted real estate. Of course, we know that not everyone in North End has the means to move down block to such a spot. We have some friends andneighbours who may have challenges financially, medically or with mental health. These are people you know and who you care about. What about creating and maintaining housing for those North End...

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The North End Breezes Introduces our New Coordinator

We are pleased to welcome Brenda Duke as our new Coordinator to the team at North End Breezes. Brenda was one of the original members who formed the Gibson and Landsdale Area (GALA) Community Planning Team just next door to us. She helped start their community newspaper, The Herald, in the early days. Through her dedication, the paper became financially sustainable within a year. During the start-up, Brenda took on roles in editing, publishing and ad sales, always with the goal of making it a community paper for the community. Currently the Joint Chair of the GALA Community Planning...

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