Month: November 2016

Remembrance Day – November 11, 2016

On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, Canada’s Military and Civilians will pause for two minutes of silence to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom—the ultimate sacrifice. Hamilton, with a population of 101,000 was less than 70 years old in 1914 when the Great War, World War I, broke out. During those years even the coveted Grey Cup Game was suspended until 1920. Hamiltonians participated in the First World War mainly as combatants due to Col. Sir Sam Hughes’ mobilization plans for the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. There were no major battles associated purely with Hamiltonians. The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry would later receive battle honors in four consecutively numbered overseas battalions of the C.E.F. In 1939 Hamilton, by then a well establish industrial city with a population of 155,000 people, once again became a major player in another war – World War II. This time not only with soldiers, but by training both civilians and armed forces personnel. The men were trained in flying, wood-working and sheet metal pattern making. The women took up sewing, using power operated sewing machines, all of which would help the men overseas. Otis-Fensom (Otis Elevators) constructed in 14 weeks what would become the largest anti-aircraft gun plant in the British Empire. They also produced the largest supply of war posters and signs. Even the Hamilton...

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Run for Youth

“Youth need us, I never want to turn away a youth” – Frederick Dryden On October 14th, Frederick Dryden, founder and director of Liberty for Youth, began a 650km run from Ottawa to Hamilton. He is running a marathon a day over the next three weeks and will arrive home in Hamilton on November 5th where he will run the last 10km in the Road for Hope. The run is part of a three-year campaign to raise $650,000 for the programs of Liberty for Youth, a non -profit organization based in Hamilton. Frederick is hoping to raise awareness and create sustainability for its programs which are geared to helping at-risk youth. Sadly, the vision for the run was born out of a very deep loss. During the last two years, Liberty for Youth tragically lost two of their youth who had participated in their program. After funding cuts and reduced programs it meant they could no longer participate. Still today, some youth who really need help have to be turned away. Liberty for Youth started in 2003 out of the basement of Frederick and his wife’s home. Frederick always knew that he would do something to help young people as he understood the challenges of navigating a difficult life as a youth. One thing people learn about Frederick when they first meet him is his passion and heart for...

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