By Susan Brooks

100 in 1 Day is hundreds of people uniting together with each one taking one small action to improve their city on the same day. It is Small Actions and equals Big Change. This is a global festival of citizen engagement to spark change. Last year Hamilton had more than 200 participants lead 170 different actions across the city.

Hamilton’s participation in 100 In 1 Day will happen on June 3rd this year. This is a day celebrated around the world facilitating change. The goal is to have individuals or groups host an ‘urban intervention’ (a one-day community project).

Some interventions from last year included Art in the Park, Save the Bees ideas, cycling rides, Library fun, Decorating alleys and streets, soccer games, long runs, building parks,

Art escapes, Fitness events, Book exchanges, Movie night and games and songs. My favorite event had to be FREE Puppy Kissing Booth!

Be a citizen activator with 100 in 1 Day and inspire change in our city!

Check out the website and submit your plan to make Hamilton better: